Thursday, March 5, 2015

Four Weeks until Spring Break

We have three weeks with students left in trimester two. Well, I have three. Rob has maybe two as his boys will stop showing up next week sometime (woot, woot).

One of those weeks is reserved for "standardized" testing.  Then, we have one week of "professional development" and then...


In all honesty, this trimester (which last year was the longest...of...our...lives) has flown by. And for this, we are very thankful. School is rough and it is getting hot in Abu Dhabi. We are dreading the thought of 110* being a normal day, but we are hanging in there! And, let's face it, I'd rather be here than buried in snow. Seriously, people...Niagra is frozen? No, thanks!

Sending lots of love (and warm weather vibes) to our family!


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