Friday, May 22, 2015

The (Reader) Decision

For the last four weeks, we've been like the must have free-agents of the teaching world (Lebron ain't got nothing on us). And it has been awesome. And stressful. Awesomely stressful.

To recap:
Four weeks ago, a mining company flew us to Arequipa, Peru to interview for two teaching positions. Did I mention they flew us first class? They flew us first class. It was awesome. Not the kind of awesome that we would ever actually pay for ourselves, but awesome all the same.

It was a whirlwind of a trip - out of the 6 days that we were traveling, we only spent three of them in Peru. I've included some of our pictures below - be sure to check out the llamas and alpacas. I wanted to bring one home with us!

Ultimately, the school would have been delightful, the compensation was close to what we make in Abu Dhabi, but the town would have been less than desirable for a few reasons: we'd have a security guard/driver shadowing us 24/7, there is very little to do in the town, and, to be perfectly honest, we weren't too sure about leaving our amazing, Abu Dhabi friends...

...or giving up the sweet high rise apartment and facilities where we currently get to live. 

So, we decided to take our talents (drumroll, please)............back to Abu Dhabi for yet another year. 

I know, I know. We said it would be a year, two years max...and now it will be three. And believe me, it was a hard decision to make. We'd love to be heading back to the US, but alas, we are going to try and stick it out in the desert for one more year. you know what that means? You still have another year to visit us! Airline tickets are super cheap right now (UAE carriers offer ridiculous specials in order to boost tourism to Dubai and Abu Dhabi), we have a very comfortable couch, AND a swimming pool that puts most resorts to shame. Seriously, come visit us! We'd love to host you and when will you ever get to visit a place like this ever again? And seriously, check out the flight deals here:

See you in seven weeks, American friends and family!


Peru Pictures: A bit misleading because most of them came from a monastery and the most touristy part of town. Definitely not a true representation of what living in the town would have felt like, but beautiful all the same.

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